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How to create a successful B2B marketing strategy

Many B2B marketers are familiar with the traditional marketing funnel, which encourages prospects to identify themselves and then move to a sales funnel. The funnel, which Forrester Research calls the Age of the Customer (for a customer-driven marketing landscape), has been modified to meet a new customer expectation. Sales and marketing must work together.

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B2B marketers need to evaluate whether their current B2B marketing strategy aligns with the psychology of their buyer's journey. B2B marketers need to know how to create a marketing strategy that is based on the customer's predominance.

We have provided a list of steps that you should follow to create a customer-centric B2B Marketing Strategy. Ask your team and yourself to ask "Have we checked these boxes when creating our B2B Marketing Strategy?"


To understand your audience and how to engage them in the buying journey, you must go through the persona-building exercise based on customer and market research. Targeted users will find websites that incorporate marketing personas two to five times easier to use and more effective than those without them.

Only 44% of B2B marketers have buyer personas. Ensure that your B2B marketing strategy incorporates persona-based experiences to move buyers along their journey with your brand.

To build a customer-centric strategy, it is important to identify your influencers and decision persons. Next, map all touchpoints along the buyer's journey. It is crucial to identify the touchpoints that influence the customer experience and motivate them in order to close the loop between awareness and revenue.