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How to Choose Solar Covers For Pools?

Loss of heat and water from your pool is due to evaporation. A solar swimming pool cover can help capture the sun's heat and stop evaporation thus, saving energy, water, and money.

A solar swimming pool cover can also be called a solar blanket. Solar blanket lie on top of the water. They are not attached to the pool. Solar blankets must be removed before using the pool.

They are relatively lightweight and rolls are available to make it simple for anyone to remove the cover. You can get the best automatic pool covers at

Solar pool blankets look like big slabs of bubble wrap. They are usually transparent, but they are available in different colors. The air in the blanket absorbs warmth from the sun and transfers it to the water.

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A plastic cover prevents water from evaporating. Solar blankets users have reported savings of between 40% and 70% on the cost of heating their pools.

Most solar pool covers are sold in standard rectangular sizes. There is another solution to an irregular shape. There is round solar bearing with magnetic edges that can be tossed into the pool and will act as a solar cover.

While the disc is not quite as effective as a standard solar blanket, it still can save large amounts of energy. In addition to spherical bearings, there are fluid-filled solar "fish".

The fish-shaped solar collector is not effective to prevent evaporation, but it will collect solar heat and melt and can be left in the pool while it is in use.