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How To Care For A Degenerative Disease?

One of the most challenging aspects of caring for a loved one with dementia is finding ways to keep them as comfortable and happy as possible. Here are some ideas for gifts that can help you care for someone with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia: 

  • Soft blankets or quilts: These can be used as a bedspread, cover for a chair, or thrown over the laps of seated patients. 

  • Comfy pajamas: Dementia patients may find it difficult to get out of their clothes, so providing them with soft pajamas is a great way to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can also pop over this site to know about how to care for dementia patients.

gifts for dementia patients

  • Snacks and drinks: This is especially important if your loved one suffers from a restless sleep. Providing them with snacks and drinks will keep them fed and hydrated, which will help them to stay healthy and active.

  • Stickers and coloring books: These are both excellent ways to amuse someone who is bored or has lost interest in activities that were once enjoyed. 

  • Pillows and blankets: Just like with pajamas, pillows, and blankets can be used to help a patient feel more comfortable while they sleep.

  • Games: These are a great way for your loved ones to keep active during their recovery.

  • Stuffed animals: These are great because they provide a sense of comfort while they are in the hospital and help them feel secure when they visit.

The movies on DVDs allow patients to escape the reality of their situation. This is especially important if their condition requires heavy medication or bed rest. Movies will also help them relax during recovery time. Books have been shown to have a significant positive impact on recovery.