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How Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning Prevents Havoc And Keep Your Business Open?

70 percent of the grease fires in the commercial kitchens start in the kitchen due to faulty ventilation as well as grease and fat build-up. Fire accidents in the grease extract system are common, and deadly fires can occur which can have catastrophic effects on the business. Therefore, in order to avoid such mishaps, you can opt for the renowned furnace duct cleaning service in Uxbridge for 32 years by Prestige.

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The accumulation of the sticky grease and flammable substances inside the duct acts as the fuel for the fire. The very high temperature ignites the grease in the duct and causes the fire to spread speedily throughout the duct and other areas.

It also acts as the 'breeding ground' for bacteria and the pests like dust mites etc. Breathing dirty air results in skin irritation, respiratory problems, headache, and fatigue.

The buildup of dust and dirt is dangerous for people mainly those who are experiencing asthma and other similar conditions. Poorly maintained kitchen extraction ductwork can even cause deaths and huge property loss. If your extractor system is not well cleaned and if there are any grease deposits inside your system, you will fail to adhere to the Good safety regulations 1995.

A clean exhaust system offers essential benefits for those in the food service industry. Duct cleaning is the process of eliminating grease that has garnered inside the fans, hood, ducts, and vents of exhaust systems of the commercial kitchens. Routine maintenance of the kitchen exhaust system is one of the defenses against fire accidents as it offers a cool, clean, and safe working environment for the staff members.