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How Can I Stop Thumb Sucking?

First of all, keep in mind that many children use their thumb-sucking for a means to calm themselves and when circumstances permit, the mechanism of the action itself is what should be traded for something different. 

If the child has reached the age where they can understand the reason why it has come to be a problem, simply explain to the child why thumb sucking is a problem and how to break thumb sucking.

Be aware that it may create their teeth being serrated and use this to help them understand it may have a negative impact. ADA states that, generally, children who just rest their hands in their mouths will be easily broken by the habit of it, while the aggressive children may have a harder time with a mind to modify.

If your child constantly follows thumb sucking, here are some tips and tricks to try. Make sure you do this every time before the period of their regular habit of sucking their minds, such as before going to bed and rest.

  • Put a bandage or finger guard over their thumb or finger

  • Place the thumb in vinegar along with other bad-tasting substance

  • If a child is sucking their fingers when they are anxious, trying to change the working mechanisms to help deal with stress in other ways.