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Here’s The Truth On The Bird Flu Virus

Bird Flu is its common name, which is a specific breed of a flu virus. Scientists have dubbed that flu: H5N1. The origin of this flu began in critters, along with only birds have been hit hard with this so far. Millions of birds have perished because of this disorder starting from China, then onto southeast Asia, Russia, Africa, and Europe. 

The spread of this flu is a consequence of creatures migrating to those regions of the earth. The authorities of the regions have slaughtered thousands and thousands of birds in a bid to avoid the spread of this Bird Flu Virus.

safety mask

The only way a human will get that the Bird Flu Virus (as it stands now) is whether they've come close, physical contact with an infected bird. A person can't have it out of another individual. It is necessary to protect yourself from the bird flu virus and protect yourself by wearing a safety mask. You can check out U-Mask if you want to buy an effective safety face mask.

Not to mention, a bird that is infected with H5N1. In the previous ten decades, just 207 people worldwide were infected with the Bird Flu Virus. Sadly, 115 of the infected have expired.

Let's look at these statistics for an instant, 207 people in the entire world, out of a population of over six-point five-billion people on earth. Therefore exactly why is everybody freaking out over the Bird Flu Virus?

The top disease experts within the world have stated that it will take weeks and months to get a slatted virus to propagate. If the Bird Flu Virus will produce a jump into the adult population, the first thing our government would perform is to support the outbreak.