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Good reasons to move to Singapore

Moving to Singapore can be an excellent move for many reasons. Singapore is number one in IMD's global competitiveness. IMD is the International Institute for Management Development1 and annually evaluates these countries in terms of global competitiveness.

The United States has been number one over the years. However, this place was occupied by Singapore in the 2010 yearbook. If you want to get more information about residence in Singapore you may look at this web-site.

Good reasons to move to Singapore

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Hong Kong is second, followed by the US. According to IMD, Singapore has shown high resilience in difficult economic conditions around the world.

Singapore was badly hit by every other country but was able to retreat to Asia as it developed. In the first quarter of 2010, the Singapore economy grew by more than thirteen percent.

This statistic consists of 320 different things that the IMD takes into account. Many things like business efficiency and infrastructure are taken into account. They also address elements such as business efficiency and corruption in government.

Many consider IMD as the most important body in business competition. Their statistics show more than just competition. They also demonstrate the effectiveness of government and business and general living conditions.


Singapore is known to have non-restrictive immigration laws. Getting a work visa and starting a business in the country is not difficult. The ability to attract professionals from all spheres of a business greatly improves the living conditions of everyone.

Quality of life

Singapore succeeded consistently in most of the surveys and quality of life data. This includes personnel consultation data from 2Mercer. There are several reasons for this. The high standard of living is a very important reason to remember this.