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First Aid for Boaters – Be Prepared for Midwater Accidents

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You might be well aware of road accidents. Although the number may be low, accidents happen on waters too. So, if you are planning boating, you should know what to do in case of any misfortune onboard or on the vessel. Proper treatment, fast action, and knowledge can reduce the impact of injuries. These guidelines for preventing and treating injuries can help improve your boating experience.

During Fishhook Injuries

  • Prevent long-term injury impacts of treble hooks by cutting the exposed barbs
  • Bind a small fishing line to the hook at the point of skin entry
  • Grasp the hook using your fingers at the point slightly higher than the binding point
  • Loosen the barb with a gentle downward press, jerk the string with the other hand while pressing for the hook to pull the barb out
  • Clean the wound and apply a bandage


Following preventatives work well when you can’t get to a firm ground during seasickness:

  • Relief band: Powered by a battery, it’s similar to a wristwatch and contains 2 electrodes that restore the median nerve. It calms the upset stomach by sending a signal.
  • Dramamine: It’s an antihistamine that helps calm the nervous system. Start with a dose a night before leaving the dock, sleep, and take another on the tour morning.
  • Lavender oil: Rubbing this oil on your chest, behind your ears, abdomen, and neck soothes the nerves and relaxes the body

Fin injuries

  • Dip your affected area in the tolerable hot water
  • Use tweezers to remove spines
  • Spray sterile water on the wound
  • Avoid covering the wound

There are many more injuries and scenarios you should be careful about. Try to get suggestions from Aluminium boat builders in Queensland when you visit them to buy a boat.