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Family Based Visas And Green Cards – A Quick Overview

Green cards bases and Visas Immigration is now a hot topic in the United States and the issue of immigration in the family environment is still an evolving area of law. 

If you also want to take your family with you then you can also opt for the option of family sponsorship to Canada via and get a visa for your family.

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Here is a list are some types of cards Visa and green and an overview of their advantages and disadvantages.

K-1 Visas-Fiance.

K-1 Visas have Betrothed US citizens entering the sole purpose of getting married. This visa requires the holder to marry within 90 days of its entry into Canada.

Green Cards.

There are many types of green cards that can be granted to allow a foreigner permanent residence in the US green cards to foreign expressly provided for them to have permanent residence in the United States. Green cards can be calculated from family or job function. There are different ways to get a green card and the most common is the family-based immigration. 

Each of these types of visas or family-based cards allow the individual to have permanent residence in Canada and perhaps after a number of years to become a Canadian citizen by doing one of the following:

Status Change.

Adjustment of status applies to persons who have a Notice of Action issued by Canada Citizenship and Immigration Service. A Canada Embassy or Consulate issues the lawful permanent resident card or green card after the initial interview process. 


Birth and naturalization are the only two ways to become a Canadian citizen. Unless you are born in Canada or your parents were Canadian citizens at the time of birth, you will have to apply for citizenship by completing the naturalization process. Again birth to a Canadian citizen can be a sensitive issue that some individuals born in certain years qualify easier than others. By completing the correct documentation of an individual can be naturalized if they meet certain requirements.