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Everything About Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is named after the development of cancerous tissues/cells in the ovaries (organ found in women and is an important part of the female reproductive system).

Like other types of cancer, ovarian cancer is a very scary thought for every woman. If ovarian cancer is not detected in its early stages, it really can be life-threatening. In some cases, ovarian cancer can lead to the removal of the ovaries. You can also know more about the baby powder cancer lawsuit via

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Reducing the risk of ovarian cancer 

Many studies and research is being conducted worldwide to find ways to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and to develop a complete cure for ovarian cancer.

If you look around for advice or if you go through books and newspaper articles, you will find that many different things suggested reducing the risk of ovarian cancer. So, you will see that there are recommendations for using oral contraceptives for lessening the ovarian cancer.

Some other practices suggest tying of the fallopian tubes as an effective way to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer (of course, you have to go for this choice only if you are sure that you will not seek to have more children).

Others show the removal of the ovaries (near menopause or just during menopause) through a surgical procedure as an effective way to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

There is another theory that is related to how long a woman has breastfed babies and the age at which she had her last baby.