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Effective Ways to Measure Digital Marketing ROI

Measuring Investment Returns (ROI), that is, the contribution given by a particular marketing operation to profit and income is the holy cup of marketing measurement.

In a company, the marketing department is often flooded with questions about the marketing campaign and ROI they deliver, if they do. Although it's easy to ask such questions, determining substantive answers can be difficult.

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It's hard to know when to measure: Any investment on any given day will have a unique impact on any point in the near future. Marketing campaigns can provide results two days from now, or two months later. Even so, marketers must know when to invest and where to invest.

Extrinsic factors: There are many variables that are not under the control of the marketing department. What marketers will claim if revenue increases due to economic growth, does their campaign result in increased ROI?

To better understand marketing ROI, let's first understand the company's goals. Once we know that we want to get from a marketing campaign, then we can measure the return. Some of the KPI's Main Performance Indicators in digital marketing campaigns are mentioned below:

  • General indicators: including traffic, reach, and direction
  • Indicators based on channels: search engines, websites, social media profiles, blogs, etc.
  • Performance-based indicators: that includes click-through, creation of leads, conversions, etc.
  • Think beyond the size of results
  • Understand a series of complex activities that positively affect ROI. This is the first step to measuring marketing ROI.