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Differentiating between a Wall Lamp and a Sconce´┐╝

For centuries, sconces have been a fixture in the home. They are the perfect place to mount your favorite oil lamp or electric light so that it can be seen from multiple angles. However, while they still exist, they may not be as popular as they once were. The next time you need to buy a wall lamp, it is important to remember the difference between them and sconces.

What is a Wall Lamp?

A wall lamp is a lighting fixture that is typically mounted to the wall and provides lighting in a room. A sconce is a smaller, ornamental light fixture that often covers a wall-mounted light.

What is a Sconce?

A sconce, also known as a wall lamp, is a wall fixture that is used to provide light to an area of a room. They are typically located in the center of their respective walls and often have decorative fixtures such as lamps or shades.

Differences Between Wall Lamps and Sconces

Wall lamps are often used as general lighting fixtures in a room. They usually provide either a warm or a cool light. Sconces are usually used for ornamental lighting in a room and provide better light control.

Comparison of Wall Lamps, Sconces, and Side Lamps

A wall lamp is a type of lamp that lights up the living room and the hallway. A sconce is the same thing, but it can be mounted on a wall rather than hanging from one. A side lamp may also be called a table lamp.