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Colon Cancer- Rules For Prevention

If you are worried about getting cancer of the colon, rest assured that there are things you can do to reduce the risk. In fact, the steps in colon cancer prevention are very simple, but they may need a lot of will power on your part. Keep reading to learn about the things you can do to lower your risk. You can get more information about hereditary colorectal cancer testing via internet sources.

Colon Cancer Prevention Tips

Reduce the amount of alcohol you consume: If you are the type of person who likes to drink and you drink a lot, then you need to be aware that excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to increase the risk of colon cancer significantly. 

However, a glass of red wine with dinner is okay because red wine contains certain antioxidants that have been proven effective cancer fighters.

Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

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Lose weight: People who are obese are at higher risk for cancer. Many studies have been conducted on the effects of obesity and colon cancer. They all have concluded that people who are obese are at a higher risk than normal weight.

Quit smoking: Smoking can carry harmful carcinogens to your gut. Smoking has also been shown to increase the size of the polyps found in the colon.

Get plenty of exercises: People who have regular exercise has been known to lower the risk of colon cancer by 40%.

Follow these tips and change your lifestyle today so that you can reduce your level of risk.