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Class Action Lawsuits – Lawyers PowerBall

Imagine a world where large companies had free reign. They could establish dangerous products, create dangerous working conditions, and cause serious harm without consequences. The very possibility of a lawsuit forcing many companies to make safer products; yet open any newspaper every day and you will see lawsuits that are used not to protect but to punish.

Many lawsuits are used to damage rectification; However, the class action is pure revenge. But, as a tactic of revenge who benefits from retaliation, the victim? Maybe. Who is really hurt is the economy and consumers as a whole. Read on to find out who really benefits from this class action lawsuits.

Open every mass-circulation publications and you will see the class action lawyers-trolling for victims in the latest class action kicks. Who has not heard about Vioxx, Mesothelioma and tobacco lawsuits? In each of these cases, there is a victim, a conspirator, and of course the class-action lawyers. These sites deeply explore the past, present and possible future class action.

A quick Google search on the keyword “class action lawsuit” will return hits for sites like that want to sue everything possible. You will see a class-action lawsuit against PayPal, Paxil, aviation, Oil Rigs. If it is a suable entity someone is targeting them for a class action lawsuit.

Beware that even if you have a legitimate complaint you will not walk away satisfied with your windfall or your “class action lawsuit” victory. You are better going it along with a class-action lawsuit as you will see in a couple of well-known class-action lawsuit online.