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Chronic Bad Breath Cure

If a person has a chronic bad breath that means that he's been suffering from that condition for a long period of time already.

This type of condition really needs the doctor's attention to come up with an effective chronic bad breath cure. This condition is also known as "Halitosis". You can get best and experienced general dentistry services in California by clicking at

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There are actually a lot of factors that could cause foul-smelling breath. Examples may include; types of food that we eat. If you love to eat spicy food and spices, dairy products such as cheese and milk, or oily food then you are prone to develop foul-smelling breath.

Other things are vices like smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, gum diseases, anemia, throat infection, and other stomach disorders. These factors are the most common causes of developing foul-smelling breath.

But the good news about this, we know the causes of developing chronic foul-smelling breath which means that we can also cure it and avoid it. There is a proper chronic bad breath cure that is available to help people who suffer from this condition be cured.

One of the best cure or care that you can do is to see your dentist for further assessment and diagnosis to see if what really causes your foul-smelling breath. Once your doctor finds out the cause of the problem, then he could give you the right cure for it.

Also, for additional treatment, make sure that you consult it first with your doctor; you can also try doing or applying home remedy treatments for bad breath.