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Choosing the Finest Roof Design

Understanding Roof Style

Gable Roof

The most common style, gable has two sides that slant to meet on the ridge in the middle. Dormers are often added to the gable design that can add light and ventilation to the upper floors of the house. If you want more information about roof restoration and designing methods then you can search online at various sources.

Roof hips

The hip style has a slope on all four sides of the building. This style produces the same appearance on all sides of the building and reduces some building maintenance due to the lack of partiality on the top of the building. The hip roof is a good choice for homes in bad weather areas making it a popular choice.

Flat Roof (Low Slope)

Flat roofs are not always flat, even called low slopes. The flat roof actually has a slight angle that helps water flow. Even if there is no actual slope, there is always a slight slope to drain water into the drainage system. Flat styles are usually seen in dry climates and in large commercial buildings.

Roof Warehouse

Also called lean-to, the warehouse-style has a slope only in one direction. Warehouse roofs are usually used when adding additions to existing structures.

Roof Gambrel

It has steep slopes on two sides that break in the middle of the road to the lower slopes that need to be on the ridgeline.

Roof Aesthetics

How the roof looks certainly is also important. The roof style and roof material used will determine the aesthetics of the roof. Smaller buildings may have only one roof style, while larger and more complex structures can combine several roof styles throughout the building.