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Choose Best Tour Packages To Enjoy Hiking In Machu Picchu

These tours are a great way to get in touch with the culture and diversity of the Cusco and Machu Picchu regions. Hiking through the mountains is always exciting, but going on a guided tour can help you understand more about what you're looking at. Machu Picchu, one of the most well-known and popular tourist destinations in Peru, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins of Machu Picchu are situated on a steep mountain ridge overlooking the Urubamba Valley.

Machu Picchu adventure tours offer visitors the opportunity to explore the ruins of Machu Picchu on an organized tour. Tours depart from Cusco and last about four hours, including an hour at the site itself. There are three types of tours available: Classic, Discovery, and Hiram Bingham. 

You can also customize your own tour. The Classic tour covers the most popular features of Machu Picchu while the Discovery tour includes some lesser-known areas. The Hiram Bingham tour allows visitors to explore some areas that have not been visited by many people and are, therefore, likely to be more interesting. All tours include food and water, as well as a guide. For those who wish to stay longer at Machu Picchu, there are also packages that include additional activities such as horseback riding or rappelling down the cliff face.

There are many pros and cons to hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. For someone who is fit and healthy, the hike can be quite rewarding. The trail is relatively easy to follow, and there are plenty of rest stops along the way. However, there are also some hazards associated with hiking the trail, such as altitude sickness and weather conditions that can get extreme.