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Characteristics Of High Quality Cigar

Finding good cigars is rather a tricky undertaking. This is mostly because of the general experience from one individual to another. But there are few consistent and general attributes featured in most high quality cigars. Keep reading to find out about such attributes.

Construction & Burn

Construction is essential in a superior standard cigara bad forming can frequently lead to it falling apart. Be certain that the wrapper seems clean, sturdy and not in any way brittle, it ought to be comparatively simple to discover a badly constructed cigar.

high quality cigars

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In addition to the wrapper, you will need to be certain the filler is not loosely packaged or packed too closely. Roughly packed cigars will draw too readily, which makes the smoke flavor unpleasant. 

Making the cigar, if that is the way it's stuffed or wrapped, will even impact the burn. A well-constructed cigar having an adequate quantity of filler should burn off easily and evenly. 

Consistency & Look

A box of high quality cigars should be constant across the box. This will be set by the overall look of these cigars, their structure, in addition to the grade of the tobacco. The general look of high quality cigars might not seem the exact same, as they are typically handmade.

On the other hand, the color ought to be consistent, they ought to look close to identical, and the flavor of the cigars ought to be the same during the box.