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Ceramic Floor Tile Installation in Perth

Ceramic floor tile installation is a great way to get a long-lasting beautiful floor. There are a few tricks to get a great looking tile floor work though. Actually getting off to the right is the key to the good-looking floor. The proper preparation and you will be pleased with the results.

Before you start your tiling job, it is important that you get assistance from professionals especially if are not a DIY enthusiast. You can hire a professional tiling service in Perth via and get your dream tile floor. However, if you are ready to start your DIY tile project, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The right start begins with the base on which you install the tile. You see the tile can be installed on all types of materials. You can put the tile over plywood, concrete, vinyl floor or even more. But one requirement is that the surface must be stable. It can't be flexible and it can't bend. 

That's because the tile floor will crack if the underlying layer moves. Often the first step in a professional tile installation is the installation of a layer of cement board. Which often guarantee a rigid surface. It is a solid base that is a part of the tiles project planning.

Planning and design of the tile project is a big part of a successful installation. Before the first tile is laid, check the square of the room. Have you ever seen a perfectly square room? You want to work from the best angle and plans to put it to cut the tiles in the most visible spots. Where cutting plan will get the best results.

Once you get started, the goal is to maintain a distance of tile as even as possible. Tile spacers in the right width are the best tell to get this done. Also, a simple carpenter's square helps to keep close check to maintain alignment. Often nailing down some signs straight, batten boards, is another step to help. Especially for the first row of tiles, board guide can help get you to the right start.