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Cancer – A Disease That Can be Prevented

Cancer, the most frightening disease that we face today can be prevented. Although it appears "out of the blue" without warning, we have at hand numerous ways to prevent it. So, why not take a stand?

Many factors that cause cancer are known and can be removed from daily life. 90% of cancers are caused by environmental or behavioral factors. Smoking, for example, is the main cause of cancer.

Other major problems are the cases of colon cancer, most often fatal, but can be caught early by colonoscopy and treated. Timely colonoscopy has an essential role in these cases. A proper diet for cancer patient will be recommended by the doctors.

The same is for cervical cancer, which can be caught early through Pap tests. Also, women who want to protect this type of cancer can make its cervical cancer vaccine.

Breast cancer can be detected by mammography, and skin cancer can be prevented by sun exposure with moderation. But tests are not the only thing we can do. A simple change in diet can make the difference between life and death.

One problem would be, for example, alcohol consumption associated with many cancers. Surely smokers will not throw cigarette packs, fans will not give up alcohol addiction, and addicts will not give up bronze in the solarium or hours spent at the beach, just because they know they can get cancer.