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Buy Some of these Items from India


India is home to some of the best local markets and modern malls where you are bound to find something or the other that will satisfy your experience. If you still wish to shop and go crazy, then consider heading to the north part because of various items sold there. These are some of the items you can and should buy while traveling to India.

  1. Handicrafts – India is home to some of the best handicrafts in the world. Instead of buying this item from the mall, try to buy one from local vendors. They have more varieties and also offer you a chance for bargaining.
  2. Clothes – When it comes to clothes, men and women have options. For men, a kurta suit will definitely look good when worn back at home. As for women, there are wide varieties of sarees comprising of styles, colors and designs you can buy.
  3. Jewellery – India is home to some of the best varieties and qualities when it comes to jewellery. You have the option of buying from the purest form of gold to the ones that come in different designs. However, it is important to know the rules of importing gold back to your country.
  4. Spices – India’s food is so popular around the world due to the spices. The spices make Indian food not only tasty but also unique. Make sure you buy a few spices from the local market.

If you are traveling in a budget limitation, then consider getting a cheap north India tour packages.