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Best Time To Visit Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is an immense protected area that is situated in southern California. It is categorized by the famous rugged rock formations and barren desert landscapes. Keys View seems over the Coachella Valley.

There are various adventures that are happened at this place, so it is recommended to everyone that once visit Joshua tree and must see the beauty of this place.  There is always variation in weather at this place and people experience them. Some of them are:

Joshua Tree

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The prime time of this season begins from October when the temperature starts falling after the peak degrees in summer. Visitors start driving towards the trailheads park and arrive early in the morning. Camping is also an option along with them that fills up their time quickly especially at weekends.


The months of December and January are supple by spending your one day in doing rock climbing in bright sun and another one when you can wrap up yourself in the stack underneath. Freezing winds, rainstorms, and snowfalls are very common at this place.


People always appreciate the spring season which is most popular in Joshua Tree. At this place, flowers start blooming from February up to April such as cactus, desert lily, and Ocotillo-dot.


People visit more in between the months of May and September but also with momentous variations such as triple number temperature. Always make yourself prepared with ample of water, protective clothes that prevent you from heat and related diseases.