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Best Book Cover – Design

The foremost task is to get the gist of the book by comprehending the content and aim of the book. If you do not make the right sense of what you are doing, you might end up misleading the reader by your uncanny and unfathomable design.

It is important that the theme and characters of a design should match the reader's expectations.

Understand the Author:

If you understand the author of the script, your work is half done in designing the cover. You should sit down with the author of the script or contact him/her through email so that you have a better picture of what they want from you. You can also get knowledge of book cover design online.

Understand the Reader:

You need to understand your target audience because every book caters to a certain class of people. If it's a romantic novel, then the reader is a fan of romantic novels. Your cover should send the right message so that the reader is attracted by the script. A combination of typeface and graphics will capture the readers' eye and will prompt them to make a purchase.

The book cover tells a story of the book before the reader reads it. Whether you hire a script cover designer or do it yourself, always keep in mind these basic rules of script cover design.