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An Overview Of The Takeoff Estimating Software Packages

The market is flooded with a wide range of Takeoff Estimating Software packages, right from excel add-ons to enterprise ones, along with those that allow multi-handling as well. The pricing for the same differs considerably, some come for cheap and others are worth six figures to invest in.

And then there are those that are designed and customized for individual industrial needs, divisions, and trades as well. You can also get the best takeoff estimating software packages via

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Why are these applications so popular?

Estimators are helped with calculations that include material and labor costs, produce details, professional charges to name a few.

Some projects require customized software of estimation for specific requirements. In such cases, the specialty contractor would evaluate all products that are designed for keeping the uniqueness of the project in mind.

The top priorities of the trade and market trends are taken into account. Updated information is provided to the clients using such software packages, accurate and to the point.

Best practices and industry standards are brought out to the client, reports are generated with complete accuracy and reliability on the same is justified.

Difference between an estimate and a takeoff

Most clients think that there isn't any difference between the two terms, however, there are. Takeoff helps with measuring blueprints and plans which include the costs for labor and materials needed for the project completion.

While estimating would tell the client the number of materials needed and the labor required, along with the costs for the whole project to complete in a professional way. And once this is done, a professional format is made for the bidding to happen.