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All You Need to Know About the Future Of Hoverboards

It's official, the future is now. Why? Not because of space travel, not because of the waterproof phone, or even that new cell phone watch. No, we've finally reached the "future" because, after years of patient waiting and lots of counterfeit products, real hoverboards are officially the real thing. 

A company called Hendo is realizing our Marty McFly-inspired ambition and recently allowed Tony Hawk to try out his awesome designs. The only problem here? You can also look for the coolest hoverboard at

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There is currently a new hoverboard available in the market today (something like that). It's a bit like a hoverboard but it's called a mini segway and the great thing about it is that it doesn't have handlebars that fit right in and you've probably seen it once or twice! 

This great two-wheeled electric scooter only moves with the help of your feet, so no steering is required at all. With mini segway hoverboards popping up all over the world, we think about how fast are changing and what's happening with technology. 

Another great benefit of promoting Hendo is that the company, as well as its founder Greg Henderson, has a vision that goes far beyond equipping people with amazing hoverboards. 

Hendo hopes to further develop its suspension technology called Magnetic Field Architecture so that we can not only have hanging skateboards but also real structures to levitate during natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, sea-level rise or even zombie apocalypse.