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All You Need To Know About Oriental Rugs

When you buy a carpet Oriental, you have to be sure that what you buy is authentic and was made of silk and wool. Oriental rugs completely made of natural fibers and derived from the Far East. Today, many pieces that are passed off as the real Oriental made from synthetic materials and are manufactured in a factory, that is not necessarily even the Far East.

Oriental Carpets Designs- oriental carpet design is one of the trademark features that distinguish it from other peers. It is usually symmetrical and are made with intricate designs. You will see what appears to be a kind of Chinese script on the side of a piece of authentic but often only the design. You can hop over this site to buy the best oriental rugs online.

Geometric designs used throughout the Oriental rug is what gives it a distinctive look very different. Design and symmetrical appearance is one way to find out if it's what you are buying is an authentic Oriental carpet and not a fake.

Colors of Oriental Rugs- Red is the dominant color in most Oriental home decor and you'll also see on their carpets, although you will also see green and blue. Red and black are the colors that are found in many of the carpets. White is the color of the other more popular. You will find that most carpet Oriental brings a very deep, rich colors.  

Materials made from- Oriental Rugs are mostly made of silk fibers. True Oriental never made from synthetic materials, although many of the carpets in use today and is sold from this area is now being made of synthetic fibers. One way to determine the value of Oriental carpet is to look at the material of which has been made. They are made of silk is said to be worth the most money.