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All About The Opossum

It was early fall. The days were chilly, and the rains cold. For Mother 'Possum who had come from the warm, sunny South, it must have seemed as cold as the North Pole would to us.

We tucked a lot of cotton wool into her box, thinking she would use it for a blanket, but Mother 'Possum had never heard of such a thing. You can also hire opossum catchers in Sydney via the web.

Possum Removal

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This meant that the bags soon grew cool, so we had to change the water eight or ten times a day and often had to make a trip to the Museum at night to refill them. At night, we gave extra warmth by half burying the box in the warm sand, with their cigar box door shut up. 

Mother 'Possum drank lots of milk, ate more bananas than one could believe possible, and relished fat grasshoppers. The cool weather had made the hoppers sluggish so it was easy to keep a supply on hand.

All around were shelves bearing bottles, cans of paint, pieces of glass, all sizes of iron bars and piping, and everything necessary in the job. The floor beneath the shelves was full, while alongside stood great barrels of plaster and cement and sand. Into this wealth of objects dashed Mother's Possum. 

We never expected to get her back. An electric light on the end of a long cable finally located her clinging to a piece of pipe, the babies hanging on securely.