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A Quick Look At The Rufus UI

Today we are going to talk about Rufus. It allows you to create bootable USB drives. A bootable USB drive is a flash drive that contains a full operating system that is not only stored but can also be launched without extra installation needs. It serves and remains to be designed to carry out the one-time installation of an operating system to the target external drive.

Rufus User Interface

When it comes to the User Interface of Rufus, you will notice that it carries a Microsoft style. The boxy edges, sans serif fonts, and the gray base color. And this is because the software is made to work closely with Windows API and Microsoft in general. From the start, it has been envisioned to be compatible with Microsoft Windows. And although it cannot necessarily run on Linux OS, Rufus can still manage to burn Linux ISOs into bootable drives. Given the Microsoft style, this means that the Rufus interface will carry “everything you need in one place” concept. All possible configurations should already be available to the user in one window. This allows you to get a holistic view of what can be done from Device Storage, ISO File, Partition Scheme, Target System, File System, and others from a single view. Once you are satisfied with the setup, the process to create the bootable drive can begin.

Other Features

A few good things about Rufus is that it is made to support multiple languages from Arabic, Czech, Greek, Japanese, Thai, Persian, Ukrainian, Chinese, and many more. Of course, aside from these languages, it also supports commonly known ones such as English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. Overall, 35+ languages are being supported by the software. We also need to mention that this open-source application is free. Users are not charged for any cent to be able to avail the software which makes it all the more, attractive to use. It is open for distribution and enhancement, free of charge. When it comes to software support, it will not be as easy compared to others. This means that additional features are not easy to deliver and problematic issues may not be quickly fixed. However, despite the setup – Rufus proves to be powerful and dependable with its small-size features. It is an epitome of a “lean-and-mean” quintessence. If you're interested, you can head over to their official website and try Rufus. We hope this helps.