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2 Important Things That You Should Do During House Floods

Flooding from storms or broken plumbing fixtures can result in a huge mess and a long water damage repair process. But the faster you respond to flooding, the less time it will take to get back to a normal home. 

Protect Yourself

Flooding can be dangerous, whether a storm or leak causes it, but weakened infrastructure from storm damage and roof damage can pose safety risks. In this case, it’s best to clear the area once the storm has passed and it’s safe or you can hire a professional from for the restoration of your property.

Even if you know your building is safe, water from flooding can act as a powerful conduit for electricity from downed lines or electrical components in your home. If you can safely access your breaker box, turn off the electricity to your home before beginning any clean-up efforts. Flip the electricity off even if the power is out, so you aren’t caught in a dangerous situation should it come back on.

Contact The Right People

If you are injured, you should immediately call 911. If you are worried about a live downed power line, contact the power and light company or the local authorities. Once you’re safe, you should contact your insurance company to alert them of the situation so you can begin the process of submitting an insurance claim for a property inspection and repairs. 

In addition to contacting your home owner’s or renter’s insurance company, you should also contact your landlord if you rent.